1965 Guild X-100D 1965 Vintage Sunburst


What were you doing 50 years ago? If this guitar could talk it would tell you it started making music way back then. This is a great player’s grade vintage guitar. Forget relicing, this instrument is 50 years old and has REAL wear to prove it.
This thin hollow body is lightweight and acoustically resonant. The neck pickup is powerful and great for jazz and blues. The bridge pickup is underwound and has a great picky bright sound perfect for old country.
Everything appears original except for some replaced tuning machines and a decent refret. The tuners are from a 70’s Ibanez, these alone are probably worth $100. Heck, buy the guitar and resell it and make some money from the tuners.

No case is included but a brand new Hardshell case can be added on to the sale for only $79.99.

It’s a poor man’s ES-225TD and at 1/4 of the price it can’t be beat!

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