Martin D-35, 1974, Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Vintage


We have an amazing find for you! This is a 1974 Martin D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar! This thing sounds and looks amazing! This guitar is made with a Sitka Spruce top with East Indian Rosewood back and sides, a Mahogany neck and Ebony Fingerboard. This guitar really sings! This guitar also has the original blue, plastic hard shell case! This guitar has been checked under a black light and there have been no repaired cracks. The braces are in great shape as well!

Please note that there are a few issues with this guitar as seen in the photos.

As typical with Martin Guitars of the 1970s era, the pick guard shrank it pulled some of the wood with it, and therefore this guitar has two cracks where the pick guard pulled on the wood. Therefore it has been removed. The original pick guard is included. If desired, you can contact Martin Guitar Company for an exact replacement.

The fret wear on this guitar is average for its age, so they do not need a fret replacement.

Also note that there is no truss rod in this guitar as, again was typical of Martin Guitars of this era so the action is a bit high. This could use a neck reset to fully fix the action because the neck angle is a bit off. This is common with this era of guitar.

Note that the piece of fabric that keeps the case half-way open is missing so be careful when opening the case. The hinges are great!

Please feel free to ask any questions on this amazing guitar.

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Here are the specs for the Action and Neck Relief:

Action – 10/64th Bass @ 12th Fret
– 9/64th Treble @ 12th Fret

Relief   – .019 inch @ 7th Fret



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